Friday, January 27, 2012

Making a bellrope - Part 3

The final step to complete the bellrope is to finish the bottom. This can be done several ways but I am going to use a very large turkshead and a basket weave on the bottom. This was by far the most complicated turkshead I have ever tied and it's a good thing there are YouTube tutorials that you can repeat over and over.

Here is the first complete pass. I had no idea how much line this would take so I cut a huge piece and just managed to not run out after all three passes.

Pass number two complete, one more to go.

And here it is with the third pass and tightened down on the bottom of the bellrope. This turkshead wraps around the bottom edge creating a nice rounded end without being bulky. However this style of ending knot leaves the center of the bottom face exposed. 

To dress this area up I put on a basket weave to cover the end of the core and pudding layers before applying the turkshead. This was a little fiddly to get tight but it turned out really nice.

A coat of clear poly-acrylic to keep the salt air off the cotton and the bellrope is done!

Here it is in my hand for a more intuitive sense of scale.

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