Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making new bow panels

It's been almost two months since we worked on the boat last. Between weather, busy schedules and a bit of burn-out we needed a good break. Yesterday we finally got going again and not only made significant progress but proved that our skills are improving.

Last time we caught a mistake we made in measuring the bow panels using the right measurement from the wrong reference point. As a result we cut the angle too steep and made the bow triangle piece too small. Here you can see what we cut and the line that is what we should have cut.

So that leaves us with this weird shape for a new bow panel.

A quick go with the Japanese pull saw and here is our new bow panel. We then used this piece to mark and cut the other four panels. We're a little worried about the narrow point breaking when the panels are stitched but hopefully the epoxy will hold it all together

Next, all four panels got two coats of epoxy on their inside faces making sure we had two 'lefts' and two 'rights'. All told it only took 2 hours and we were back on track. 

Next up for the day was gluing the last two of the main hull panels, but we'll save that for the next post.

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