Monday, November 14, 2011

Gluing hull panels - round 2

This was our second try at gluing the hull panels together with butt blocks and it went much better which means we are learning. (always a good thing!) This time we used clear packaging tape instead of blue painting tape on the backing boards which releases better. We also used more screw clamps and less thickened epoxy both of which made a cleaner glue joint as well.

We got nice even glue squeeze out but without all the excess glue that made such a mess last time. The round corner of our epoxy squeegees left a nice fillet along the edges.

Then we left them out in the sun to cure. My dog, Cash, decided to help guard the wet epoxy to keep falling leaves and bugs away.

After a couple hours they were set enough to move but still pretty soft so we transported them down to the basement and put the halogen work lamps on them.

Now all four hull sides are ready for the bow panels and sheer stringer. That leaves cleaning up the stems and bulkheads we're ready to stitch everything together.

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