Monday, March 12, 2012

Sheer stringers and more clamps

One thing we have learned is that gluing one floppy thing to another floppy thing means you're going to need a ton of clamps. Not wanting to spend the money on 30 or 40 spring clamps we went with the PVC clamp method.

It started with spending way too much time cutting 1" sections of 2" PVC pipe with a pull saw, then taking a short cut and using the circular saw, then realizing you have created a 10' radius of PVC chips in the yard and then finally shop-vac'ing your lawn to get it all cleaned up. But in the end we had plenty of clamps to get the hull sides ready for stitching.

Boston has finally warmed up enough that we can work outside again which was a treat after all that gluing in the basement. The stringers are held with the clamps and a few staples from the underside to keep them from sliding around. We also glued on the doubling blocks which go at the lashing points for the beams and mast stays.

We also glued the small extension on our replacement bow panels that we couldn't glue before while we had the chance. When these are dry we don't want anything to keep us from stitching up the hulls.

Here is hull side #2 sunning and hull side #3 glued and clamped up. By this point we have given each panel a final home as to which side of which hull they will become. Only the outside face of each hull gets the supports for the mast rigging so we put the two panels with the roughest seams on the inside where they will only be seen by the fishes.

The forecast says rain tomorrow morning but sun again in the afternoon so that should be enough of a window to glue the last hull side.

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