Saturday, September 10, 2011

An early end to my sailing season

Last weekend, after a nice morning of working on the Hitia's bulkheads, I took my wife out on our sailing dinghy named Tipsy.

Here is the beach that we usually launch from, this was a much calmer day.

The wind was a good 12-14 knots and it was some exiting sailing until we broke a lee board and then very soon after broke the other. That left us trying to sail home (straight upwind) with no foils and making a tremendous amount of leeway. I was very glad to have a set of oars on board to row home, even if they were the dinky 5' pair that came with the boat.

It was so stressed that the ply layers separated down by the tip!

They were just a piece of 1/2" plywood with mitered edges, nothing fancy or efficient so I wanted to make new foils anyway. So now i have two projects moving to the top of the pile for the winter: make a nice pair of foils and finish the pair of 8' oars I have glued up.

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